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A complete freelance management solution

Your dashboard is simple and ergonomic and has been designed to centralize the propositions you receive, payments, and more.

You can access the dashboard features from the left-hand navigation bar.

Find a freelancer

Under the "Find a freelancer" tab, you’ll find all the features for:

- Browsing the freelancer profiles that match your search criteria

- Posting a project by submitting a project brief

Post a project

You’ll need to fill in a form to post your project on the platform.

View all the freelancers you work with

Manage your freelancers from your dashboard.

Process your applications

The "Process applications" tab allows you to manage all your projects posted with Malt Plus.

Malt Plus gives you access to an advanced sourcing system that shows you applications from available and qualified freelancers in under 24 hours.

More information about Malt Plus here.

Manage your projects

In the "Manage projects" tab, you’ll find all your projects for which you have contacted freelancers through our search engine and for which you have received quotes.

The “Process applications” and “Manage projects” tabs allow you to oversee your project’s success:

  • Approve the end of a project

  • Make a payment

  • Leave a review at the end of the project

Track payments and invoices

Invoices & receipts

This tab centralizes your invoices and lets you download them. It’s only visible to company administrators. 

The "Analytics" tab is also only available to administrators. This allows you to track your company's expenses and control your budgets.

For more information, you can consult the article Collaborate with my team

Your settings

All your account settings are in one place.

1. Your personal information such as your name, email address, telephone number, password, etc.

Your team

2. This tab allows you to view or (depending on your status) manage the employees on your company account.

Your company

3. The legal information about your company, which will appear on the financial documents issued by Malt. To find out more, please see this article:

Become a freelancer

4. If you also want to offer your services as a freelancer, you can create an account straight from your settings.