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Our Malt Plus service

What is our Malt Plus service?

On Malt, you can directly search and contact a freelancer via the search bar. You can also submit a project via our Malt Plus solution, so that Malt contacts the freelancers best suited to the project for you via our algorithm. The freelancers contacted generally respond to you in less than 24 hours. To help our algorithm contact the best profiles, you must provide the details of your project:

  • The type of expert you are looking for

  • Project conditions

  • Project details: The name of the project and a detailed description of its scope and tasks.

Malt Plus is a service available to all Malt customers.

Publish a project on Malt

You can start publishing a project on Malt directly by clicking the Publish Project option on the main homepage, top banner, or your side navigation bar.

Until the final publication of your project on Malt, you can save your project proposal as a draft.

You can resume the process and continue by clicking on the “Process Requests” option in the side navigation bar.

Describe the type of expert you are looking for

This section is essential to help our algorithm refine the search and contact the most relevant profiles.

Please indicate:

  • The job title : the type of expert you are looking for. For example: “Marketing project manager”

  • Job category : we will offer you the most common categories related to the job title you have entered. If you can't find the right category, you can always enter a new one manually by clicking on the "Choose from other categories" link.

  • Experience Level : Based on the level of seniority required for your project.

  • Main skills : Enter at least 4 skills that the desired profile must absolutely possess, in order of importance. Our algorithm will offer you a list of skills, but you will always have the option to enter others manually.

  • LANGUAGES : If you do not enter information, the algorithm will use the language in which you publish the project as the default language.

Indicate the conditions of execution of your project

  • Estimated Project Duration and Start : Indicate the duration of the project and the date it is expected to begin. Desired availability of the profile : Number of days per week desired. This information is important because several independents have partial availability

  • Approximate daily rate : Based on the information you have provided, we will offer you an approximate daily rate. You can always change this price. Don't forget that depending on the details and conditions of the project detailed together, the profiles contacted may be required to adapt their daily rate.

  • Project location : Whether the project requires the freelancer to come to your office or if they are allowed to do the work remotely. Note that remote projects are generally more attractive to our community and therefore receive more applications.

Once this step is completed, you will be able to see on the right side of the panel the estimated budget for your project excluding taxes, including Malt's service fees.

Describe the details of your project

This section is the one that all contacted freelancers will read before accepting or rejecting the project proposal.

We recommend adding as much information as possible to effectively describe your project, in order to attract the best freelancers.

Here is an example of information you can provide:

  • Context :

    • Company description (if necessary)

    • Presentation of the project team (size and composition)

    • Location and working arrangements (e.g. desired presence in the premises for the first weeks)

  • Project objectives and challenges

    • Starting point of the project (what has already been achieved)

    • End of mission deliverablesWhat are the products to be delivered?

  • Profile

    • Years of experience and project types

    • Technical knowledge required

    • Non-technical skills (“soft skills”)

Revision and submission of the project

Please review your project proposal before submitting it to Malt. You can still edit the information before publishing it.

If everything is correct, click Confirm. As soon as you have confirmed your project, it is sent to several freelancers.

Freelancers interested in your project will respond to you directly on the Malt platform. Be sure to respond to them quickly and accept the quote that best meets the needs of your project, while respecting our general conditions (link to the T&Cs).

Whether your response to applications is positive or negative, freelancers generally appreciate having feedback on their application.

What do the different stages of Malt Plus correspond to?

Sourcing started : your project has been received and is being processed by our sourcing team in order to review your project and send it to the freelancers who best match your needs.

Your mission has not yet been seen : your project has been sent to freelancers but has not yet been viewed. With Malt Plus, you will receive responses quickly, generally within 24 hours.

If the delay is too long, you can add freelancers to your project yourself via the manual search tool. You can also send an email to your account manager or to

X freelancers have seen your mission : the freelancers have learned about your project but you have not yet received any feedback. If the response rate is low, this could be due to several reasons:

  • a lack of details in the mission description, it is important to ensure that the description allows freelancers to understand your needs;

  • location which is not in large cities and with a low concentration of freelancers specialized in the desired field (particularly when the missions are face-to-face or in a hybrid format) ;

  • too low a budget or not aligned with your request. If in doubt, please consult our price barometer

Do not hesitate to contact your account manager or our team at , explaining in detail your project and/or the elements you wish to modify, so that they can support you

X freelancers are interested in your mission / no current conversation : freelancers are interested in supporting you in carrying out your project but have not yet sent you a message.

  • Several conversations in progress : you have received several applications. To view them, go to your Malt email!

  • No quote received : do not hesitate to ask the freelancers with whom you interact to produce a quote in order to compare the different commercial offers.

  • Quote to validate : once an agreement has been reached, we advise you to validate the quote chosen as quickly as possible in order to reserve the freelancer's availability. You will then have until a few days before the start date of the mission to provision it (if you are in pre-payment).

  • Freelance found : you have validated the quote from one of the candidates and therefore found the ideal profile to support you. Congratulations !