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How can I see which freelancers have been selected by users from my company?

With Malt, you can view freelancers who have already worked for your company or who come recommended by your colleagues. As a user of a company account, you can now see all the freelancers in your company: those who work with your colleagues (through Malt or not) as well as freelancers that they’ve added to their favorites.

Using the "Freelancers from my company" filter

You can filter your talent search for freelancers who have already worked for your company.

You can then see the history of projects carried out with your company on the freelancer's profile, and:

  • See if the freelancer works or has already worked with your company (when and with whom), and therefore if they already understand your organization, your processes, etc.

  • Find out if the missions with this freelancer went well, by looking at the ratings and reviews left on Malt, or by simply asking your colleagues!

  • See if your colleagues have added this freelancer to their favorites.

Who can view these lists of freelancers?

All members of your company.

Who are my company's freelancers?

These are all the freelancers who have a connection with you, your team or your organization:

  • Freelancers currently working with your company through Malt.

  • Freelancers who have previously carried out a mission with your company through Malt.

  • Freelancers who have added their experience within your company (outside of Malt).

  • Your colleagues' favorite freelancers.

Do you want to centralize all the freelancers you work with? Use Malt Open to bring together all your freelancers on Malt.

How can I share my lists of freelancers?

There are 3 ways to share your freelancers with your colleagues:

  • Click on the share symbol

  • Copy and paste your list URLs

  • Email your freelancer list to your team members

Lists are collaborative tools where all team members can:

  • Add freelancers to an existing list

  • Give the profile a thumbs up (or down)

  • Comment on the proposed profiles

  • Propose a current project

Roles on Malt

As a company, you can invite multiple users to join your team. This allows you to collaborate on finding freelancers, managing projects, sharing your pool of freelancers, etc.

Each team member is assigned either an
Administrator or User role.

By default, team members who are invited to Malt are Users. A team can have multiple administrators.

  • The administrator has access to the global vision of the whole team and can change settings.

  • Users can only access their own activity and projects.

If a project manager is going on leave, they can give the Administrator role to the person who will take over, so that they can manage the freelancers in their absence.

How can I manage my colleagues' access to Malt?

As an Administrator, you can restrict access to the list of team members and control which team members can add and remove people from the team. This setting is available from your company menu on Malt > Rights management.

The person who creates the team is automatically the AccountOwner with an Administrator role. This role cannot be changed.