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Presentation of Malt

Malt is a European marketplace where more than 550,000 freelancers and independent consultants put their skills and expertise at the service of companies looking for external talent. Malt has more than 70,000 customers.

Malt ensures the connection between freelancers and clients but also a secure working environment for clients and freelancers.

On Malt, depending on your needs, you can have:

  • a client account to search for freelancers and centralize all projects carried out with independent talents

and or

  • a freelance account to receive opportunities and centralize your quotes and invoices. All missions carried out with Malt are covered by our civil liability insurance and payments are guaranteed within 10 days.

Malt for freelancers

You can discover Malt in a few minutes in video here

The Malt marketplace is multi-specialist and brings together freelancers from unregulated intellectual professions to put them in touch with more than 70,000 clients.

To join the Malt marketplace, simply create a profile for free and complete it to reflect your expertise, the services offered and your experiences. It is important to take care of your profile in order to receive qualified opportunities that match your profile.

You can import your experiences from your Linkedin profile to save time when completing your profile. Discover our tips for completing your profile.

On Malt, customers come to you. Indeed, once your profile is completed, you will be able to receive opportunities in your Malt messaging and communicate directly with customers. You can send your quote on Malt so that your customer validates it in a few clicks and thus begin your mission.

You can also centralize all of your missions by importing your projects into Malt. This will allow you to have an overview of your past, current and future missions, optimize your visibility and above all benefit from payment security for all of your projects.

Malt Strategy for consultants

You can discover Malt in a few minutes in video here

Malt Strategy is a Malt community dedicated to management consultants with at least 2 years of experience in a large consulting firm and interim managers with at least 10 years of professional experience, preferably in management positions.

In order to join the Malt Strategy community, you must submit your profile with all the information regarding your expertise and past experiences. Our team then contacts you to better understand your experiences and expectations and thus offer you qualified opportunities.

Unlike the Malt marketplace and in order to meet the habits and needs of companies on Malt Strategy, the profiles of Malt Strategy consultants are not visible on the marketplace. Customers only have access to your profile when you apply for opportunities.

Malt for businesses

A. Find a freelancer

Malt allows you to find qualified freelancers for all types of projects. Three search options are available to you:

  • Browse profiles on the marketplace: using the search engine, filter results by expertise, experience level, location, etc. and contact the freelancers who catch your attention.

  • Be put in touch with pre-selected profiles: submit your mission brief on Malt, our matching algorithm will offer you the best profiles for your project. Our application management interface allows you to centralize the profiles pre-selected for the project and collaborate in the final choice of the freelancer.

  • Recontact freelancers known to my company: access all the freelancers who have already worked for your company and consult the opinions of your colleagues.

On each profile you can see past experiences, ratings left by customers as well as comments and recommendations. Super Malter freelancers are the freelancers with the most experience on Malt with a minimum customer satisfaction of 4.5/5 on average.

To ensure freelancers' compliance with current regulations, freelancers' official documents are regularly checked.

You can then chat directly with freelancers and present your project to them via Malt messaging. Freelancers send you a quote directly via Malt that you can validate in a few clicks.

When you accept a quote, we inform the freelancers with whom you were in discussions for this same project that the mission has been filled.

b. Malt Strategy for customers

Malt Strategy is Malt's community of independent consultants and transition managers. This is a community of pre-qualified profiles: the experience and skills of each consultant have been checked by our teams via verifications and qualification interviews.

To work with a Malt Strategy consultant, submit your project brief on Malt. In 48 hours maximum, our teams select for you the 3 candidates who best meet your needs and your budget.

You benefit from personalized assistance throughout your project to help you define your needs, select the best candidates or even finalize your project.

Learn more about Malt Strategy.

C. Manage and pay for missions

Each mission is covered by professional liability insurance. Learn more. (new RC pro article with Hiscox)

For payment of missions, depending on the profile of your company, you can:

  • Prepay projects (transfer or credit card). Malt then keeps the amount paid in an escrow account until the end of the mission.


The project management interface allows you to follow your current missions and the tasks to be carried out such as the validation of a quote, an activity report, a payment.

Once the project is completed or at the end of the month for long missions, you will be asked for validation on Malt. This validation of the end of the mission or the activity report will then trigger the payment of the freelancer.

Learn more about project management.