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Different project types on Malt

You can monitor the progress of your projects by going to the “Manage projects” tab.

Here, you can see the status of all your projects: upcoming, in progress, and completed.

As a reminder, there are two types of project on Malt:

  • Recurring projects: the freelancer invoices the time spent working on the project.

  • Short projects: the freelancer invoices the number of deliverables completed during the project.

Recurring projects on Malt

Recurring projects on Malt

Recurring projects are most suited to longer projects on Malt, allowing a project to be divided and invoiced over several months, depending on the number of months and the number of days worked.

This gives you an overview of the entire project (past and future months), your invoices and order summaries.

In your Company settings > Activity tracking preferences, you can choose how you want to track your freelancers' activity reports.

Invoices will be issued each month based on the number of days actually worked by the freelancer. They must fill in the number of days worked each month, which you then have to approve in order to issue the invoice and trigger payment to the freelancer.

Once the freelancer has submitted their activity report, you will receive an email telling you to review it.

To review the progress report, go to the Manage projects tab and click “Approve monthly activity”.

From here, you can also review the activity report submitted by the freelancer.

After approval, you will be redirected to the invoicing page for the previous month, where you can enter the purchase order, invoice date, and your billing contact.

Are all clients eligible for recurring projects?

Not all clients are eligible to complete this type of project. In order to be able to carry out a recurring project, you must be authorized to pay for your missions by invoice.

Freelancers receive payment every month for recurring projects. It is not possible to pre-pay several months of a recurring mission upfront.

If you have any questions about recurring projects, please reach out to your sales contact from your dashboard or at

Generally speaking, if your project and your profile meet all the conditions for carrying out a recurring project, the freelancer will automatically be able to send you a quote for a recurring project.

Short projects on Malt

Short projects are best suited to projects that last less than one month. In this case, the freelancer undertakes to work over a period of time on a project until delivery of the deliverables is made.

Quotes on Malt

A quote sent by a freelancer constitutes a contract as soon as both parties accept it.

In legal terms, electronic signatures and handwritten signatures have exactly the same legal value (🇫🇷 according to article 1367 of the Civil Code / 🇧🇪 according to article 8.1, 2° and 3° of the Civil Code).

Once your freelancer's quote has been approved, you are legally committed until the end of the project.

Quotes also allow Malt to generate invoices in the freelancer’s name on their behalf.

Why go through Malt?

When you wish to work with a freelancer who you found on Malt, the quote must be created and approved on our platform.

Formalizing your partnership through Malt allows you to:

  • Secure your payment: Funds are not transferred to the freelancer immediately. Our payment operator keeps them until you approve the end of the project. You are the one who gives authorization to release the funds when the mission has been carried out.

  • Be covered in case anything goes wrong: Freelancers on Malt are covered by AXA’s professional civil liability insurance, meaning you won’t have to pay a penny for any damage caused by a freelancer.

  • Recommend a freelancer whose services you liked: At the end of the mission, we invite you to leave your rating and review on the freelancer's profile. These reviews help reassure other customers and help the freelancer to gain exposure.

  • Benefit from standardized invoicing: Freelancers mandate Malt to generate invoices on their behalf, which allows us to issue invoices that integrate into your accounting processes.

In the event that any Users connected via the Marketplace subsequently contract for any assignment outside the Marketplace in breach of this Article 9.3, the Company will send the Customer an invoice for a lump-sum amount of EUR 10,000 as compensation, which the Customer undertakes to pay immediately upon receipt.

How to accept a quote from a freelancer?

Following your discussions with freelancers, they will generally send you a project proposal.

Whether you accept their proposal or not, it’s important to notify the freelancers with whom you have interacted in order to inform them of the progress of the mission.

To accept a freelancer’s quote, simply click “Accept project proposal”.

Once the proposal is accepted, other freelancers who have sent you quotes for the same project are notified to inform them that the project has been filled.

Is it possible to update a quote?

Quotes can be updated at any time as long as the end of the project has not yet been approved. This guarantees you flexibility during the progress of your project.

Only the freelancer can modify the quote. Once modified, you receive a notification.

Approve the end of the project

Once the freelancer's work has been submitted, they can mark the project as complete and you can then approve the end of the project, which will trigger payment for the mission.

You have 15 days to mark the project as complete. After this deadline, if you don’t get in touch, the project will be automatically marked as complete.

During this period, if you’re not satisfied with the result of the project, you can contact our support: or fill in the dispute form.

To approve the end of the project, all you need to do is:

  • Go to your dashboard.

  • Then, select the mission you want to approve.

  • Then, click “Mark complete”.

Once you approve the end of a project, you can print an invoice by going to the project page and clicking “Print invoice”.

What happens when you mark a project as complete?

If the mission has been pre-paid, the funds will be automatically transferred to the freelancer (unless the project was updated and the quoted amount has increased, in which case you will have to pay the balance of the project).

If your project has been modified, please consult the Billing article.

On the other hand, if you have not yet paid your project in full, you will be taken to a payment screen to make payment by bank card or transfer.