What's a good profile?

Many freelancers and clients ask us about our search engine : 

"How do you guarantee that the best profiles are put forward ? " 
"How can I be on the first page ? "

Our search engine is complex and constantly evolving, and several parameters are considered : responsiveness, refused missions, general platform activity and many more. 

We also occasionally boost up a few profiles that have not been on the first page in some time. 

What there is to understand is the one objective : 

connecting the right clients with the most professional freelancers.

Beyond client preferences (city, type of profile,filters), all other parameters are in the freelancers' hands

Best practices for building your profile can be grouped in two families:

#### Profile quality

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a professional profile photo means you are 5 times more likely to be contacted on Malt.
  2. This is where you are at your best, show a selection of relevant keywords. Of these, you should select 7 "major" ones. These 7 will appear in the search results and carry more weight in the algorithm.
  3. Tell us about yourself ! Your clients need to know enough about you, so we ask for at least 200 characters to describe yourself in detail.
  4. If you're a master of image, let it be known ! Build a quality portfolio if you work in a creative field.
  5. A professional rate, we want freelancers to be valued and your rate must reflect your level of expertise. Give the Malt barometer a look if you aren't sure.
  6. The freelancer's reputation and professionalism
  7. Your past experiences count for a lot, showcase what you have done and what you know how to do.
  8.  Build your reputation by receiving client reviews. 60% of clients filter their results to only see reviewed profiles.
  9. Be responsive ! The platform will favor freelancers who respond quickly and positively to all requests. It is also important to keep your availability updated so as to not be penalized for denying too many requests while already on a mission!
  10. Limit the bounce rate. The higher the conversion rate between a profile visit and a mission offer, the more the algorithm will reward you. We thus advise that you not include outbound links on your profile.
  11. Complete missions !! This can seem obvious but each completed mission reinforces the community, and Malt rewards you in return. It is also an excellent way to get recommendations. You can also use Malt quotes with your own clients outside of the platform (at a reduced commission of 5%), as this is a good way to get started and to obtain reviews.

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