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Visibility of my profile

What are the criteria to be visible?

For your profile to be visible in search results* , you must meet certain criteria:

  • Your profile must be complete: profile photo, at least 4 tags, description of at least 200 words, a title, and a minimum visible ADR of €125.

  • You must have indicated that you are available. If your profile is “Unavailable”, you no longer appear in search results. To appear again, edit your availability on your profile page.

  • Have answered all customer requests: You must not have an unanswered mission proposal in the messaging system to appear in the search results. If a customer reaches out to you in voicemail, we ask that you respond in the conversation associated with the customer by sending a message or quote, or decline the offer before appearing again.

  • Have a minimum score of 3.75/5

  • Have logged in within the last three months

How do I make myself visible at the end of the mission?

How do I make myself visible at the end of the mission?

If you are at the end of the mission, still unavailable, but still want to be visible again in the search engine , this is possible.

If you are in the 30 days preceding your return date at the indicated availability, then you will be visible in the search results and may be contacted by customers in order to prepare your return (it will be clearly indicated on your profile that you are available only from such date).

Once the mission is completed, you will only need to confirm your availability on your profile and indicate that you are available (as well as the frequency: full time, or only a few days).

Can I receive offers if my profile is invisible from search results*?

You can be contacted and receive new job offers even if your profile is invisible, but in reduced numbers. To maximize your chances of finding a job quickly, we recommend that you keep your profile visible.

By being invisible, you can receive our mission opportunities because we anticipate your return to activity.

Thanks to a matching algorithm specially designed by our data-scientists, if one or more of these opportunities match your profile and your mission preferences, you are notified directly and you can find them in your mailbox.

Also, customers who have already worked with you, who have already contacted you or added your profile to their list of favorites always have direct access to your profile via their messaging service.

Finally, you can always share the URL of your Malt profile on your personal website, your Github account, Twitter or Linkedin . It's a good way to find new leads.

I live on the border, can I be visible in both countries?

If you live on the border and want to work with clients from both countries, it is possible!

When the customer makes a search by adding a location, he will have the results of his country of origin but also on a radius of 100kms around.

So, for example, if you live in Strasbourg, your profile will be visible to French people but also to German border residents.

Visibility of your personal information

I don't want my last name to be visible, is that possible?

Your last name is visible on your Malt profile, but if you do not want it to appear on your profile for reasons that belong to you, you must go to the "edit my profile" tab and click on the field your first and last name.

You can then choose to display only the first letter of your last name.

Is the personal information in my profile visible to everyone?

Your email address and phone number are not publicly visible.

These details are only used by the Malt team to contact you.

As for the administrative information that you provide, it is only used by our platform when establishing your quotes and invoices but is in no way disseminated or used otherwise.

The legal documents (except the identity document) that you provide will still be downloadable by the customers with whom you do your missions, but only when the quote has been validated.

What are Mission Preferences?

The mission preferences are there to allow you to proclaim loud and clear the missions that interest you. We take care of making them visible to customers so that you can receive proposals that best meet your criteria:

  • Travel : Are you flexible and agree to go on assignments with the client, or are you remote exclusively? You can also indicate that you only do part of the mission with the client. The 0 movement is the only preference that cannot be deleted, it must be filled in.

  • Activity zone: If you are between two different cities , and you are often on the move, you have the possibility of indicating up to 4 activity zones in addition to the main location of your Profile.

  • Skills : Select those on which you would particularly like to be solicited for missions (50 max).

  • Mission duration : Choose the mission durations that interest you in particular or those that you would prefer not to be offered.

  • Sector of activity : Use this criterion to define the sectors of activity that make you dream or those that you want to avoid.

  • Company size : Choose the company size you want to work in. However, the size of the company does not always accurately reflect the context in which you will be working. There can be very agile teams within large groups.

How do I set my Mission Preferences?

When you arrive on the Mission Preferences Management page, you can click on the "Define..." button present for each criterion.