Skill Recommendation for Freelancers

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You may have seen numbers and are asking yourself what they might mean 🧐?

These are skills that have been recommended by other freelancers.

Seeing your recommended skills is advantageous in many ways:

  • your expertise is put in the spotlight by one or more of your peers
  • it is reassuring for visitors and potential clients to see a recommended skill set in your field of work
  • it’s a way to stand out!

How do I recommend a freelancer’s skills that I know?

So, to recommend one or more of someone's skills, it is better to know the person and in particular to have been in a position to assess their level of expertise pertaining to the skills on their profile. It’s more than just being friends or to have bumped into him or her at the coffee machine.

A skill recommendation is a commitment, it shouldn’t be made just to please. It is public because your name and a thumbnail of your photo will be displayed in front of the skill, so you will be linked and potentially be evaluated yourself by clients and other freelancers who will see that you have recommended that person’s skill.

Although skill recommendations are public and visible to everyone, only a freelancer with a complete Malt profile can recommend the skills of another freelancer. Of course, it isn’t possible to recommend your own skills 😉!

In order to recommend a freelancer’s skill(s), simply click on the + icon that appears in the Skills rubric when visiting the profile page of a freelancer, while being yourself logged-in as a freelancer on Malt.

Careful: if you are logged-in, but under your client profile and not as a freelancer, you will be able to view the recommendations received but you will not be able to recommend skills because the + recommendation icon will not be displayed.

How does it work to get a recommendation for your own skills?

Well, in the same way, but the other way around. 😇

There is no system in place that allows to ask for skill recommendations from specific individuals on purpose. This is in order to avoid spamming for recommendations as a favor.

To see who recommended you a skill, when you move your arrow over it, a tooltip is displayed with the names of the freelancers who recommended your skill. When you click, the tooltip stays in place and you can click directly on the names of those who recommended you to access their profile 😁. You also receive a notification mail informing you get a skill recommendation, who did it and for which skill.

Skill recommendations by peers is a feature dedicated for only Freelancers: it’s up to you to make good use of it!

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