Why use Malt?

As a freelancer, Malt allows you to be directly contacted by clients who need your services: no more sales prospection and no intermediaries ! 

The icing on the cake is that Malt eases your administrative workload, simplifies payment, and insures your missions. 

Malt is a community: at the end of a mission you receive a review from your client, which improves your reputation, which in turn allows you to receive more missions !

As a company, Malt allows you to directly contact all the freelancers signed up to the platform. They can be contacted in one simple click and there is no intermediary, which facilitates communications. 

On top of freely getting in touch, we also provide a whole series of tools and online services to secure your relationship: an integrated messaging system, quote creation, contracting, invoicing, secured payment, professional insurance, as well as the possibility of leaving an end of mission review. All of this keeps you safe and simplifies your processes.

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