What does the AXA insurance policy cover?

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In order to protect our community of self-employed workers and enable our users to use the platform in complete peace of mind, Malt and AXA ensure the civil liability of freelancers that provide services via our platform. 

Every mission contractualized* via the platform is automatically insured! Whether there is an incident with a client's database, or an accident at the freelancer's place of work, the insurance coverage is there to protect you.

This Pro Civil Liability insurance policy, comes into effect once the service agreement has been accepted (acceptance of a Malt quotation).

What is Civil Liability?

Civil liability, or "CL" for insiders, is the responsibility that each of us has towards third parties (i.e. other persons). If you are the cause of an incident that causes harm or damage to a third party, then "your civil liability is applicable".

Malt insurance therefore covers accidental damage caused to others by freelancers during a work assignment. 

What does AXA cover?

The insurance policy provided by Malt covers:

  1. The Civil Liability Insurance Policy: covers all incidental damage caused to others in the course of a work project.
    1. if he or she accidentally damages a customer's macbook 
    2. if he or she accidentally creates a fire in a client’s place of work
    3. if confidential information is accidentally disclosed and this causes detrimental harm to the client
  2. Professional Civil Liability Coverage: covers all damages directly caused to others by the freelancer's mission or activity. 
    1. you use a non royalty-free image in one of your projects and your client is required to pay damages, or you accidentally lose data during your mission
    2. your work causes your client's e-commerce site to become inaccessible for a certain period of time

Not covered by the policy

  1. The financial consequences of a failure, a shortcoming in performance, or a promised outcome in relation to the agreement previously concluded with the client
  2. Risks related to prototypes
In other words, Professional Civil Liability insurance covers damage caused in the course of a mission and not the performance of the service.

The deductible:

A deductible is the amount that must be paid in all scenarios, even if you are insured.

For any material and immaterial damage, Malt insurance provides a deductible of 10% of the total amount of damage (material and immaterial) caused to someone during a work assignment. In the event of an incident, it will therefore be necessary to pay 10% of the damage compensation costs under the deductible, knowing that the deductible costs are set at a minimum of 500 € and a maximum of 3,000 €. So let's say there is a database damaged in the course of a mission, involving repair costs of 4,000 €. AXA would pay € 3,600 of the damages. However, there would still be 400€ - or 10% of the total compensation costs - to be paid by the freelancer.

The deductible does not apply to all bodily injuries, for which AXA would cover the reimbursement of damages starting with the first euro.

What to do in case of an incident? 

For more information about the insurance conditions, please consult the insurance policy terms and conditions (* document only available in French language).

For exclusions and other coverage amounts under the contract, please refer to the special insurance conditions (* document only available in French language).

The insurance is valid for all freelancers with a company in France, Spain and Germany as part of their missions worldwide with the exception of clients in the US and Canada.
Here you will find a link to our Proof of Insurance

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