How does prepayment work ?

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When you accept a freelancer's quote 🎉, here are the next steps to know :

  1. We ask that you prepay the mission by provisioning your Malt account through an escrow account.
    1. Rest assured that the funds won't be transferred to the freelancer immediately, our payment partner holds on to them until you confirm the end of the mission.
    2. You are the person who authorizes the release of the funds once you are satisfied of the result obtained.

This is important for you since it avoids cash advances that you may never see again if the mission gets cancelled or if the freelancer isn't serious. It's also equally important for the freelancer since this establishes a frame of trust between you and them, allowing them to work securely.

Unpaid work is one of freelancer's biggest issues !

This prepayment system isn't mandatory to begin the mission, but the freelancer is notified as to whether the account has been provisioned or not. They may ask you to prepay before starting any work.

Of course, this may not be possible for long-term missions (due to the high amounts) and for large accounts (due to different payment policies). 

In this event, don't hesitate to call us so that we can reassure the freelancer with whom you'd like to work !

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