Freelancer selection with Malt Plus

Malt Plus is a mix between a machine learning algorithm and human support by a freelancer recruitment expert.

Your Malt Plus is reviewed and verified by an expert before being run through our Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

From the selection of profiles that our algorithm will have found, our expert will decide the number of freelancers to send the proposal to, according to the profiles that will best match your project.

The first contact

These freelancers, hand-selected by your designated expert, will then be contacted directly via their messaging system with your project proposal. 

  • If they are interested in the project, they may choose to send you a message to discuss further in details. 
  • If they are not interested in the project, they may also decide to refuse the offer and will not be contacted, you will not be notified.

Each initial contact message sent by freelancers is moderated by your designated expert. Only messages validated by our expert will be sent to you.