Confirm your identity

Here are a few tips to ensure the successful verification of your identity.

This is mandatory for being compliant with European regulations and also protects Malt from fraudulent or illegal behavior.

Please provide us with an official and up-to-date document (from the list below): 

- A valid national identity card (only for European countries)

- A valid passport

- A valid driver's license

- A valid residency permit 

To streamline the verification process, please ensure that: 

- All the edges are visible 

- There is no flash or glare

- The document has not been converted to black and white

-  The document must include a bar code and a photo

 - The document can not be covered or obstructed in any way

-  The document cannot be blurry or grainy

 - The barcode must be fully visible

Your form of identification must meet the following criteria ✅

- Valid and up-to-date 

- The document must show that you are 18 years of age or older.

- The information contained in the document must be consistent with the user information provided in Malt.

- The document must be in the right format: .pdf, .jpeg (or .jpg), or .png. 

- The document file size may be no less than 32KB and no greater than 10MB.