Why use Malt?

As a freelancer, Malt allows you to be directly contacted by clients who need your services: no more sales prospection and no intermediaries !

The icing on the cake is that Malt also eases your administrative workload, simplifies payment, and insures your missions. 

  • Online Contracting: The client's confirmation of the quote and of the mission's end is electronically archived on Malt. We recommend that you save your most important exchanges for Malt in case of a disagreement.

  • Insurance included:

    • All missions that you complete via Malt are covered by up to 9 million euros by the RC Pro insurance, which Malt has subscribed to through AXA (for France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium)

    • For UK, projects are insured up to £5M per freelancer per year by Markel.

    No need to subscribe to your own Professional Liability insurance (which would typically cost between €600 and €800 per year).

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