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Why should I use Malt for my business?

Malt gives you access to more than 500,000 freelancers registered on the platform and allows you to benefit from a suite of tools and services for collaborating simply and securely.

Your advantages:

  • Access to the largest community of expert freelancers in Europe.

  • A rapid selection process thanks to our integrated solution combining the marketplace, our matching algorithm, and support from our recruitment teams. The integrated messaging system allows you to communicate one-to-one with freelancers.

  • Centralized project, payment, and resource management: send quotes, sign contracts, and manage invoices and payment securely online.

  • A secure administrative and legal environment that ensures compliance with corporate duty of vigilance laws (proof of company registration and social security contributions). There is no risk of illegal labor leasing or subcontracting, and you get 24/7 access to a centralized history of all your conversations, quotes, and contracts. In addition, all your missions on Malt are covered by AXA’s Professional Civil Liability insurance.

  • For large groups, Malt offers the simplicity of dealing with just one trusted person: a dedicated contact to help you with your talent search, one payment account for potentially thousands of freelancers, and confidentiality around project details (no need to post complex RFPs or tender processes).

This means you can continue concentrating on your project safe in the knowledge that everything is above board, and we’ll make the admin side as easy as possible.

Why should I create an account on Malt?

1. My details are backed up and secured

We ask you for some basic information before you can reach out to freelancers. These details help us identify you when you next visit and send you notifications when you receive replies or quotes from freelancers.

This basic information is: your full name, your email address, your telephone number, and of course a password to be able to ensure the confidentiality of your exchanges with the freelancers.

2. I can manage invoicing and payment 

When you collaborate with freelancers through Malt, we will ask you for some details about your company (registration number, VAT number, etc.) to allow us to issue invoices for your projects and process any refunds (IBAN).

3. I can contact available freelancers

You have to create a Malt account to contact freelancers and manage your relationship with them. Your account gives you access to our community of 500,000 freelancers.

There are profiles for any tech role you can think of on Malt, so you can quickly find the freelancer that suits you and your project’s needs.