Why do some of my skills display as "certified" on my freelancer profile?

If you've filled out the Certifications section of your freelancer profile, depending on the kinds of certifications you've received, we may use that information to substantiate some of the skills added to your profile by displaying the word "Certified" next to that skill.

By clicking on the word "Certified," visitors to your profile are automatically directed to the Certifications section of your profile where they can see what certification(s) you received to enhance your skills.

How come the "certified" label is displayed only for certain skills?

We only attach the "Certified" label to the skills for which you've completed a specific and credible certification course.

We do not attach this label to the other skills you've added to your profile for which you have not done any continuing education to reinforce those skills. You've likely added those skills because you've learned or acquired them based on the work you've done throughout your career.

While your past work experience may certainly seem certification-worthy, in this specific context, we only give this designation for skills that have been substantiated by an independent, third-party training organization.

Long story short: If you've completed any certifications that substantiate the skills added to your profile, be sure to add them to the Certifications section of your profile. This is yet another way you can give potential clients added peace of mind around your ability to tackle the demands of their projects.