Why do I have to stay on Malt to manage the quote and project?

If you wish to benefit from the platform's advantages, you must manage the quote and project on Malt. This allows for you to :

  1. Secure your payment¬†ūüŹ¶ -¬†By starting a project with a freelancer, you may not necessarily know the person. By paying in advance, you risk losing the amount. With Malt, you prepay the mission so that the funds can only be unlocked once both parties confirm the project is done.
  2. Benefit from insurance for the freelancers - Say the freelancer working in your office damages materials. By going through Malt, you are assured that the freelancer is insured and thus that you will not have to pay any damages done by the freelancer.
  3. Recommend a freelancer whose work you appreciated - Recommend a freelancer whose work you appreciated. Reputation on Malt is very important. Freelancers will always be incentivized to give the best of themselves if they want to keep receiving proposals on the platform.