Why can't I add my contact details to my profile?

On Malt, we encourage freelancers and their clients to communicate directly via the Malt inbox. It's a more safe and secure way to manage projects from start to finish and organize all project-related communications in one convenient place.

For this reason, we have specifically chosen not to allow freelancers to share their contact details publicly on their profiles. This helps avoid spam while also creating a digital "paper trail" of the correspondence you have with your clients—which comes in handy if ever there's a dispute to resolve.

That being said, once you've established contact with a client on Malt (via your Malt inbox), you are free to share your contact details as you see fit. We realize that, given how different freelancers or companies work, some tasks may be more easily managed outside of the platform.

Either way, we strongly encourage freelancers and clients to maintain the bulk of their communications on Malt whenever possible.

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