Why aren't the earnings from a recently completed project reflected in my dashboard yet?

It's entirely possible that you've recently completed a project on Malt, yet neither the earnings (revenues) nor the Super Malter points associated with it have been recorded in your account dashboard.

This happens when you do projects with clients who participate in Malt's cash advance program. Even though you have already been paid for the work you did on a project, those earnings or points won't be reflected in your dashboard until your client has paid their invoice for the project. This can sometimes take up to 60 days, depending on the company's standard payment terms.

This is the benefit of Malt's cash advance program. It ensures that you get paid in a timely manner while waiting for the client to pay their invoice.

Finally, once the client's invoice has been paid, your dashboard will be updated to reflect the earnings and points associated with that project.

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