What is the freelance charter?

In order for our community to continue attracting the best possible missions for freelancers, we have published the Freelance Charter.

This charter is based on our values and all the elements that make it possible for freelancers to succeed on Malt. It aims to bring together a set of rules and guidelines to help freelancers in the Malt community to better understand each other's expectations.

If you sign the Freelance Charter, your commitment to Malt's values and your pledge of professionalism will be highlighted in the " Verifications " section of your profile and will be able to be viewed by clients. Signing such a charter reassures clients and aims to encourage clients to contact you and offer you project proposals.

What are the consequences in case of failure to comply with this charter?

If a freelancer posts false information or subcontracts a project to another person, Malt will take steps in enforcing this policy, which may result in profile moderation or a downgrade in search results.

What are the commitments on the client's side?

Please be aware that our charter protects the entire community, clients and freelancers alike. We are also taking steps to ensure that these policies are respected by clients.

For example, we moderate the profiles of IT services companies that intend on recruiting via our platform and can even suspend accounts in the event of repeated litigations or even disrespectful and unprofessional interactions between client and freelancer.