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What is Malt Strategy?

Malt Strategy is the exclusive community dedicated to management consultants and interim managers. To join the Malt Strategy community, management consultants and interim managers must meet the following criteria:

  • Management consultants: At least 2 years of experience working in a well-known consulting firm.

  • Interim Executives: At least 10 years of work experience, holding senior management roles.

As a consultant registered with Malt Strategy, your profile is not visible on the Malt search engine. 

Your profile remains private until you are in contact with the customer. As soon as our team identifies projects that match your skills, expectations and availability, you will be informed by email. You'll then have 48 hours to apply.

If your profile meets with the client requirements the clients, you'll be able to talk to them directly. 

If you already have a profile on Malt and would like to join the Malt Strategy community ?

Please contact us by e-mail at

How to register on Malt Strategy?

The Malt Strategy community is open only to management consultants and interim managers meeting the criteria described above. To join the community, simply apply by creating an account on

Once your profile has been completed, our team will contact you by email (within 3 working days) to discuss your experiences and expectations over the phone.

Following this interview, and if all the criteria are met, the consultant will officially be able to join the Malt Strategy community and receive his or her first projects.

If a candidate does not meet the requirements, he or she will receive a notification and be automatically redirected to the Malt marketplace.

Their profile will then be visible on the search engine, and they will be able to receive opportunities and talk directly to clients.

If you don't match the Malt Strategy criteria, Malt marketplace will allow you to receive project opportunities matching your expectations and expertise.