What if I can't prepay for a long-term project?

We understand, sometimes it isn't possible to prepay a project in full, especially when it comes to long-term projects with high project fees.

The good news: There are actually two viable work-arounds for this:

  1. Ask the freelancer to divide the quote into several smaller quotes. This often corresponds to a project's key phases. That way, you can accept all quotes at once but then only have to prepay one quote at a time (based on the order that the work will be completed in). Once the first quote has been marked complete, you can prepay the next quote before work begins.

  2. If you choose to pay for projects on Malt via bank transfer, you can opt to prepay a partial amount of total project fees upfront (by processing a partial bank transfer) and then pay the rest once the project has been marked complete. The partially paid amount will be noted within the quote the freelancer has sent.

What about for Corporate account customers?

This does not apply to our Corporate account customers who often have their own payment policies that must be adhered to.

If this is the case for you, please contact us at support@malt.com. We'll get in touch with the freelancer to let them know that it's safe to proceed with the project even if project fees have not been prepaid.