Who are the freelancers on Malt?

Freelancers are all independent workers, excluding manual workers (artisans, farmers,…) and regulated workers (doctors, lawyers…). 

Freelancer” is thus a definition, and not a legal status in itself.

A trend in clear progression from year to year

There are a total of 8,900,000 independent workers and freelancers throughout Europe, including 700,000 in France.

In more than 10 years (2000-2013), this number has increased by 85% in France alone, driven by generation Y's need for independence and companies' search for flexibility and expertise.

The main Tech trends

Malt launches the second edition of Malt Tech Trends, which allows you to identify the skills most in demand by companies, and to draw up a panorama of the major trends in freelancing in the Tech sector.

Discover the rising technologies, those in shortage or the most common to the various trades at a time when digital transformation is an imperative carrying multiple economic stakes (agility - speed of treatment of the requests, increase in productivity...).