What the Super Malter badges represent

The Super Malter program is a means of rewarding the best freelance contributors on Malt, with a special status that increases their visibility on the platform and allows them to access exclusive benefits.

For you, it is an indicator of the freelancer's involvement on Malt and their expertise: they know the platform, they are responsive, and they pay attention to their reputation to maintain this status.

How freelances obtain these badges

There are 3 levels of success with the corresponding badges:

  • Super Malter 1
  • Super Malter 2
  • Super Malter 3

As freelancers carry out assignments on the platform, they earn points allowing them to reach different levels, with an increasing margin of progress between each level.

A commitment to the quality of client-freelance relationship

Only 3.6% of freelancers with regular activity on the platform receive a Super Malter badge. These badges are a guarantee of responsiveness, quality, and long-term business relationships.

You can find these freelancers by filtering your search with the keyword "Super Malter" to display only Super Malter freelancers matching your search.