What are the different offers?

In order to offer companies the best conditions to collaborate with freelancers, Malt offers 3 levels of services:

  • Standard - 5% service fee 
  • Advanced - 7% service fee 
  • Corporate - Customized service fee 

Choose here the offer that suits you through solutions adapted and customized to all your freelance projects.

These fees are applied to the amount of the service invoiced by your freelancer for each mission

Frais de service

💡 These features are billed as a service fee on each mission that freelancers complete through Malt.

When you receive your end-of-mission invoice statement, both invoices (freelancer's service and service fee) can be paid at once or separately according to your internal processes:

- A first invoice for you: concerning your service (invoice between the freelancer and you)

- A second invoice for you: concerning the service fee (invoice between you and Malt)

- A third invoice for the freelancer: concerning the Malt commission (invoice between Malt and the freelancer)