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The Super Malter program

The Super Malter program is a way of identifying and rewarding Malt's best freelancers. Super Malt status increases their exposure on the platform and gives them access to exclusive benefits.

This badge allows you to identify the freelancers who carry out the most projects on Malt. They know the platform, they are reactive and are recognized as experts.

Only 3.6% of freelancers with a regular activity on the platform obtain a Super Malter badge. You can consider these badges a guarantee of responsiveness, quality, and professionalism.

You can find these freelancers by filtering your searches with the “Super Malter” criterion to display only the Super Malter freelancers corresponding to your search keywords.

The different levels of Super Malter
There are 3 levels of progression and associated badges:
  • Super Malter 1

  • Super Malter 2

  • Super Malter 3

As freelancers carry out missions on the platform, they earn points allowing them to reach the different levels, with an increasing margin of progression between each level.

The different levels of Super Malter status make it possible to reward the achievements of freelancers who are involved in our Malt community, who respect the principles of the freelance charter and who carry out projects.

The levels are a way of representing the experience of freelancers on Malt while guaranteeing an equivalent progression between the different types of professions they carry out.

Super Malter levels are also a way for freelancers to track and measure their progress within the Malt community.