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Who is Hiscox?

Hiscox is a specialist insurer, offering a wide range of insurance solutions for individuals and professionals.

Their products have been designed to meet the specific needs of a demanding clientele and are based on a high degree of expertise.

Their strategy has allowed them, for more than a century, to move from a small structure at Lloyd's to a successful international insurance group in the United Kingdom and throughout the world with subsidiaries in:

  • Germany

  • Belgium

  • Bermuda

  • Spain

  • United States

  • France

  • Guernsey

  • Hong Kong

  • Ireland

  • The Netherlands

  • Portugal

  • Thailand

  • Singapore

HISCOX SA, is an insurance company registered in the Trade and Companies Register of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg under number B217018, approved by the Insurance Commission (CAA). Hiscox SA has been present in France since 1995 with a branch located at 38 avenue de l'Opéra, Paris 75002, and registered with the RCS of Paris under number 833 546 986. 833 546 989.

Who is Indeez?

Indeez is a fast-growing insurtech with a mission to be the protective force for independent workers and platforms. Through their sustainable and inclusive insurance benefits, they offer you peace of mind, confidence, and freedom to pursue your chosen profession and lifestyle.

Indeez SAS is registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 888 048 659 and its head office is located at 19 rue du Rocher 75008 Paris, France.

Indeez SAS, which operates under the Indeez brand, is registered as an insurance broker in the ORIAS register, under number 20006983 ( ).

In the United Kingdom, Indeez SAS is supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Indeez SAS is registered on the Financial Services Register ( ) and its FCA registration number is 978039.