What are Mission Preferences?

The mission preferences are there to allow you to declare loud and clear the missions that interest you. We make them visible to clients so that you can receive proposals that best match your criteria:

  • Travel: Are you flexible and willing to go on missions at the client's location, or are you remote only? You can also indicate that you only do part of the mission at the client. The remote is the only preference that cannot be deleted, it must be filled in.
  • Activity zone: If you are between two different cities, and you are often on the move, you can indicate up to 4 activity zones in addition to the main location of your Profile.
  • Skills: Select the skills you would like to be asked to perform (50 maximum)
  • Mission duration: Choose the mission durations that interest you in particular or those that you would prefer not to be offered.
  • Industry: Define the industries you are interested in or those you would rather not be offered.
  • Company size: Choose the size of the company in which you want to work. However, the size of the company does not always reflect the context in which you will work. There can be very agile teams in large companies.