Can recruitment agencies or IT service providers contact freelancers on Malt?

As per our general terms and conditions, people working on behalf of recruitment agencies or IT service providers may not search or contact freelancers on Malt, except in two specific cases:

  1. You are looking to hire a freelancer to work for you directly: In other words, as a recruitment agency or IT service provider, you are the final client who the freelancer will be working for and invoicing at the end of a project. For example, a web developer redoing your business's website or a digital marketing expert helping to launch a lead generation campaign.

  2. The freelancer will work in your office or with your teams (as is often the case with recruitment agencies). In other words, you are not serving as an intermediary—for another business—in the search for freelance talent.

As a business objective, Malt seeks to put freelancers and their clients directly in touch with one another without involving intermediaries of any sort to facilitate that relationship. As such, we encourage freelancers to negotiate their fees and rates as well as the scope of their projects with their clients one-on-one.

Lastly, we believe in utter transparency: It must always be clear, by both parties involved in any project done on Malt, that the person providing project-based services to a company is a freelancer only.