Invoincing hours on Malt.

For some job categories, it is much more common for you to bill by hours rather than by days. Thanks to your feedback, we have become aware of this and consequently developed a new option: it is now possible, at the time of sending your quote, to opt for hourly billing.

This new feature will allow you to easily commit yourself over several months with your client by choosing the recurring project type (available for eligible ones) and the hourly billing mode.

For the rest, the operation is unchanged: at the end of each month, you confirm your activity report on Malt by entering the number of hours you wish to bill. Your client validates this ARC to release the funds on your account.

For one-off projects, there is no change. It is up to you to decide what quantities you associate with your quote: days, hours, deliverables... You just need to specify it in the quote, in the text field.