How do recurring or long-term projects with freelancers work on Malt?

If you're planning to work with a freelancer for several weeks—or even months—we recommend having the freelancer either set up a recurring project (where the work conducted each month is reconciled, invoiced, and paid out monthly) or break a long-term project into several smaller individual quotes.

The benefits of both options are simple:

Recurring Projects: Because these projects are reconciled monthly—based on the amount of days/hours worked by a freelancer on your project for a given month—it's a great way to ensure that freelancers remain accountable for the tasks they are asked to complete each month while also getting paid for their services in a timely (monthly) manner.

Several Smaller Projects: This is a good option for big projects made up of multiple phases that need to be completed in sequential order over the course of several months. Breaking up long-term projects in this way ensures that each piece of a project is completed successfully before moving on to the next phase while also ensuring that the freelancer gets paid at regular intervals during a project's duration (versus after months of work).