How do I access my company's freelancers?

Finding profiles recommended by your collaborators has never been so quick and easy!

As a collaborator of a company account, it is now possible to access all the freelancers of your company: those who work with your collaborators (on and off Malt) and their favorites.

It is also possible to share your freelance lists with your collaborators. You can access this list here.

The freelancers of your company are accessible from the search engine

Thanks to the new "Freelancers in my company" filter 

From the profile of a freelancer

You have access to the history of freelancers with your company from the freelancer's profile:

  • Know if the freelancer works or has already worked with your company (when and with whom), and therefore if he/she already knows your organization, your processes...
  • Know if the missions with this freelancer went well, by accessing the notes and reviews left on Malt, or by asking your collaborator directly!
  • See if collaborators have added this freelancer to their favorites.

Via a new dedicated space: Your freelancers

Find all the freelancers of your company from the "Your Freelancers" space, accessible from the navigation bar.

You have access to the freelancers working with your company as well as to the lists of your colleagues' favorite freelancers.