How do I accept a freelancer's quote?

This part is really easy!

When a freelancer sends you a quote on Malt, you'll receive a notification via email letting you know that it's ready for review.

Once you've had a chance to review it—and if everything in the quote is aligned with what you and the freelancer had previously discussed—then all you have to do is click on the "Accept the quote" button to get the project started.

What happens once the quote has been accepted?

Once you accept the quote, the freelancer will also receive a notification, letting them know that work can officially begin.

If you had contacted a number of different freelancers for the same project, you'll have the option to thank the other freelancers for submitting a quote and letting them know that you've decided to work with another freelancer.

We also recommend that you prepay the project fees after accepting the quote, whenever possible, as this gives the freelancer added peace of mind that they'll be paid on time following a project's completion. Please note that this does not apply to Corporate plan companies or customers participating in Malt's cash advance program.