How can I update my daily rate?

It's really easy to update your daily rate.

  • Navigate to the upper right corner (when signed into Malt) where you see a thumbnail of your profile picture next to "My freelancer account."

  • Hover your mouse over your name. A drop-down menu will appear.

  • Click on "Edit my profile." You'll be taken to your profile page.

  • Click on the box where your daily rate is located.

  • Update the information as you see fit.

  • Click "Confirm" to save your changes.

Keep in mind that the daily rate (excluding taxes and fees) you add to your Malt profile is for suggested purposes only. It gives potential clients a better idea of the budget they'll need to work with you.

When submitting a quote, you are not required to use your daily rate. Instead, we recommend you suggest fees that are appropriate based on a project's specifics.

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