How are freelancers shortlisted for Malt Plus projects?

As a refresher, Malt Plus is a service we offer to companies that need a little more support finding the right freelancers for their projects. We use a combination of our AI-powered matching algorithms plus the knowledge of our in-house recruitment experts to provide companies with a short list of freelancers who fit the bill.

After our matching engine finishes its initial search, a recruitment expert will review the list of freelancers suggested by our algorithms and then curate a short list of freelancers to be contacted for the Malt Plus project request.

To be considered in Malt Plus searches, freelancers must have a complete profile, must have signed into Malt recently, and are either currently available and/or available in less than two months.

What happens after the freelancers are contacted?

After the short list of freelancers is contacted with your Malt Plus project request, each will have the option to respond with any questions they may have before submitting a project quote. To make this as high-touch of a process as possible (for you), we will moderate the freelancers' responses on your behalf before passing them along.