Does the project fees invoice come from Malt or from the freelancer?

Malt has a standard invoicing agreement with all freelancers who do work with clients on the platform. Simply put, by signing this agreement, freelancers allow Malt to send clients invoices in their name and on their behalf.

What are the advantages of this?

The biggest advantage of this is that it helps streamline operations for your accounting (or Accounts Payable) team. As opposed to receiving multiple invoices from multiple freelancers, all invoices from Malt are submitted with a standard header and other standardized accounting-compliant details. More practically speaking, this means your accounting team only has to process invoices from a single vendor (Malt) and not multiple vendors (freelancers).

We aren't the only company to implement this best practice for invoicing. This is exactly how invoicing is handled for invoices related to Amazon's marketplace vendors, Uber drivers, and so on.