Does Malt charge freelancers a service fee?

Malt deducts service fees from the total amount of the proposed project fees before freelancers receive payment.

These fees range from 2% to 10% (excluding taxes). Freelancers must keep this in mind when establishing daily rates.

These fees are automatically integrated into the invoices issued by freelancers on Malt. Based on your company's pricing plan on Malt (Standard, Advanced or Corporate), additional service fees on your side may apply.

What are Malt service fees used for?

The service fees charged to freelancers help finance Malt's operating costs, including (but not limited to):

  • The creation of a dynamic platform where freelancers can land new projects and companies can fulfill their (project) resourcing needs;

  • The development of features to ensure that all projects and payments facilitated by Malt are carried out securely, with added peace of mind;

  • Day-to-day management of the Malt Community (freelancers and companies), carried out by various teams within Malt's business.