Can I work with freelancers based in different countries on Malt?

The easy answer: Yes, on Malt, you can work with and receive invoices from freelancers based in different countries than where your business is based as long as the freelancers can provide recent and up-to-date documentation proving their identity, legal business standing, and due diligence against money laundering.

If the freelancer is based outside of any of the countries listed below, they must also operate a verified registered company*:

  • France

  • Spain

  • Germany

  • Italy

  • Belgium

  • UK

  • Switzerland

  • Austria

  • Netherlands

  • Portugal

Why we have these policies

These policies are in place to ensure that our payment partner can verify the authenticity of a freelancer's business, all in an effort to prevent and combat money laundering as well as undeclared (aka, under-the-table) or concealed work.

This is why we are not able to accept freelancers operating as sole traders from countries other than France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the UK, Switzerland, Portugal, Netherlands and Austria.