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What is commercial portage?

Do you work with several freelancers and want to centralize all your projects in one place?

Malt offers a solution for this.

Why use Malt to manage my freelancers?

There are 6 major advantages:

  1. Bring together all the freelancers you work with under one roof. You get an overview of all your freelance projects and all the data that comes with them (analytics, budgets, project duration, project type, etc.).

  2. Simplify the management of freelance services. With Malt as the sole supplier, you no longer need to process quotes and invoices each month for each freelancer.

  3. Make contracts easier. with Malt, everything is done online, even accepting terms and conditions (notice periods, confidentiality, GDPR, etc.). What’s more, you will start getting quotes within 48 hours.

  4. Reduce compliance risks. An intermediary like Malt helps you reduce your dependence on just one or a small number of suppliers. It also provides additional protection for ensuring the compliance of your suppliers' legal documents. And finally, you’re covered by a solid insurance policy.

  5. Guarantee payment in 10 days for all your freelancers, without having to worry about it yourself.

  6. Use our collaborative tools, such as the tracking dashboard and sharing favorites with your team.

Freelancers also benefit from doing business with you through Malt:

  1. Secure mission payment in 10 working days thanks to the Malt cash advance.

  2. Protect the project they’re carrying out for you, thanks to AXA’s professional civil liability insurance, which is essential and included in every project on Malt.

  3. Develop their exposure thanks to their profile and your ratings and reviews when they finish a project.

  4. Simplify administrative tasks as well as issuing quotes and invoices. Malt saves valuable time and allows freelancers to fully concentrate on your assignments.

It’s important not to confuse commercial portage (contracting with a freelancer with their own company) and wage portage (a third-party contractual relationship in which the freelancer benefits from a salaried status via a wage portage umbrella company). More info on commercial portage and Malt here.