How do I boost my visibility?

Updated 5 months ago by Cayetano

To boost your visibility, you have several tools :

  • Use the quote system with your own clients
    • if you wish to secure your relationship with them (payment-wise), benefit from a professional insurance and give them the opportunity to leave you a review and a star rating to boost your profile, you can go through the platform to complete your projects with them.
    • The Malt commission is then only 5%.
  • Keep your profile regularly updated,
    • notably regarding your experiences and recommendations.
  • Put your availability forward on the platform:
    • you're being asked regularly to update your availability, don't forget to keep it updated. 
  • Invite previous clients or colleagues to recommend you on one or several experiences 
    •  click on Request a recommandation to send an invitation email. It's very simple and important, since recommendations reassure clients.

And hop, ready to go !

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