Why does this freelancer appear in first in my search results ?

Updated 1 year ago by Henri

Our search engine puts the most relevant profiles forward, based on your search. 

The privileged criteria are  :

  • the search filters, if you use them (availability, rate, etc.), 
  • the relevance of the keywords you searched, 
  • the geographic area (if defined). 

After this, another set of criteria come into play to rank the profiles. 

Among them are the recommendations and client reviews, the ratings received by Malt clients, and the rate and time of response. 

We also position a few recently signed up profiles in the search results so as to give newer profiles a chance to be seen ! 

You will normally have the best freelancers for your search on the first page, but we aren't infallible, so don't hesitate to go through a few search pages to find that rare pearl.

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