Why use Malt ?

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As a freelancer, Malt allows you to be directly contacted by clients who need your services: no more sales prospection and no intermediaries !  🚀

The icing on the cake is that Malt also eases your administrative workload, simplifies payment, and insures your missions. 💪 

  • #### Online Contracting

The client's confirmation of the quote and of the mission's end is electronically archived on Malt. We recommend that you save your most important exchanges for Malt in case of a disagreement.

  • #### Axa RC Pro Insurance included

All missions that you complete via Malt are covered by up to 9 million euros by the RC Pro insurance, which Malt has subscribed to through AXA. No need to subscribe to your own Professional Liability insurance (which would typically cost between €600 and €800 per year).

  • #### Automatic Invoicing

You create your quote, and once the mission has been completed, we send the invoice for you. All your invoices can be accessed from your dashboard and can be used for your accounting.

  • #### Quick and Secure Payment

Malt asks your client to provision his Malt account at the beginning of a mission. This is your guarantee that your client will be solvent and that you will be paid quickly. Once the client confirms the mission as completed, our payment partner transfers the amount to you within 2 working days.

  • #### Your Reputation Boosted

You will receive a client review at the end of each mission completed on Malt. This is the first platform which allows you build your reputation. Each mission improves your reputation and indexing in the search results. With [our widgets](https://www.malt.com/accounts/widgets), you can even share your profile.

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