How does the commission payment work ?

Updated 1 month ago by Sarah

Our commission is levied from the amount of the quote you set. 

This 10% pre-tax commission is thus levied if, and only if, the quote is accepted and paid for by the client. 

We advise you take this commission into account when you calculate the daily rate which appears on your profile, or when you message clients. 

This is so they don't have any "unpleasant surprises" seeing another commission on their quote, which could make them hesitate to recruit you. 

Furthermore, we generally communicate to them that there is nothing more than the total to pay, as our commission is accounted for in your daily rate.

Note that when you are a self-entrepreneur, you do not collect VAT and you can not spend the Malt commission in your expenses. Our commission is for this status of 12% TTC.

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