I completed the mission but haven't received the payment yet. What do I do ?

For a validated mission the payment can take up to2 business days to reach you.

Ex : if a mission is validated on Friday, you will receive your payment on Tuesday or Wednesday maximum

First of all, you must check that you have completed your account, that is:

  1. Your legal documents are uploaded to Malt and validated by our payment partner.
  2. The contact details of your company and your RIB are well informed.
  • To complete your company details, it's here.
  • To update your documents, it's here.
  • To fill in your bank details, it's here.
  • You can track the status of your payments and verify that all your information is complete on the transaction tracking page.

    Of course to be paid, it is obviously necessary that the mission is well completed and provisioned !

    To finalize payment, do confirm with the client that they have also clicked on "End the mission". Send him the quote link and ask him to click on "Finish the mission".

    We send automatically reminders of payment + validation to your customers ;-)

    Finally, if the customer informs you that he has paid for the mission and that it is not provisioned ("estimate accepted, pending provision") it means that we have not yet received the funds

     If the client says that they have paid, then give us a call so that we can investigate the details. It would typically be something small such as a field missing, which we can quickly fix by hand.

    If a customer does not validate the end of a provisioned mission and no longer responds, in accordance with our Terms, we will validate in its place within one month, without response from him.

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