How do I get recommended on Malt?

Getting recommendations on Malt is very simple. 

From your dashboard, click on the "Advertise yourself" heading, and then "Recommendations" to send your requests. 

  1. Enter the email address(es) you want a recommendation from in the form, customize your request, and click "send".
  2. Your client or former colleague will receive a mail redirecting them to the site and your profile. A form will give them the choice to recommend you. Once the recommendation is done, it will be visible on your profile.
  3. When you ask for a recommendation, your client/colleague will receive 3 notifications (one immediately, a reminder 4 days later, and a last reminder after 15 days). 
The sent link can only be used once, you thus can not share it with others for more requests. 
You must go back to the "Recommendations" heading and enter the email addresses individually.
We will not use the emails of your customers for commercial purposes, we will not solicit your customers for reasons other than your recommendation request.

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