Is the profile picture mandatory?

At Malt we strongly believe in image: so without a picture, your profile isn't visible in the search results.

Furthermore, we are a network of professionals and your profile is a showcase for clients looking for freelancers. Having a professional picture helps build trust between you and your client. 

We have noticed that a professional picture brings on average 5 times more views to your profile, so that makes you 5 times more likely to be contacted or even offered missions !

In concrete terms, your freelancer profile picture must meet these criteria : 
  • Minimum 150 x 150 pixels, good quality, non-pixelated
  • Face-fronting picture, face fully visible and identifiable
Unapproved pictures 
  • Logo of a company or agency
  • Drawing of your face, an avatar, etc.
  • Face hidden behind a camera or mask, or partly cropped out, or a picture from the side or back
  • Several people in the picture

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