What does the ‘New’ status mean?

Updated 2 months ago by Viktoria Bernhardt-Gutsul

The "New" status allows you to start working on Malt under the best conditions possible. During your first 3 months, you will benefit from a "New" badge with increased visibility in search results to help you land your first assignment.

Once you’ve landed your first assignment, you’ll have every opportunity to succeed since clients tend to trust a freelancer who has already worked on Malt before. Your badge will disappear after your first mission and/or after 3 months of being registered on Malt. 

  • What are the advantages of the New status?

The "New" badge is visible on search pages and has a reassuring effect on clients looking for a freelancer. This is also useful for clients who are often looking for a specific skill-set since the "New" badge indicates that new profiles are available for them to discover.

You will also appear in the "They've just created a profile" section on our presentation pages of the most sought-after jobs, given that you are in the right field of expertise.

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