What are the different levels for a Super Malter?

Updated 8 months ago by Kelly Hong

The more freelancers are involved in our community, respect the principles of our conduct charter, and complete projects, the more we reward them. The levels are a way of representing a freelancer's experience on Malt while guaranteeing an equitable success rate between the different types of jobs they perform.

For freelancers, it represents their progress and allows them to benefit from visibility that matches their commitment, tailor-made support, and personalized benefits.

Example: A freelancer who registers on the platform starts with the "New" badge. When he or she starts completing projects, they accumulate points to reach the first level: the Super Malter 1 badge, which gives them more visibility on the platform. 

As the projects continue, points are accumulated, and the freelancer receives the Super Malter 2 badge, then the Super Malter 3 badge, which are real guarantees of success and involvement on the platform and which offer him or her many advantages.

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