How to write a Malt quotation

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You have been contacted by a client for a project and you are about to send him a quotation in order to get the mission?

👇🏻Here is a list of good practices that you can use to present a clear and attractive quotation.👇🏻

Step 1 : Clarify the client's proposal

Before you start writing a quotation right ahead, you need to make sure you understand the mission. Sometimes the briefs are not detailed enough.... Take the time to clarify all the terms of the assignment with your client.

Here is a list of questions you could ask:

The mission : 

  • What are the key competencies expected? 
  • What is the exact date of the start of the mission?
  • How long is the mission?
  • Where does the mission take place?

The context of the mission:

  • Can I work remotely ? 
  • How many days a week ?
  • Will there be any travel to plan? 
  • Is the mission renewable or does it end on the deadline date? 

The team :

  • Who will be my direct referent? Direct contact person?
  • Am I alone on the project or part of a team? 
  • What kind of profile is this team made up of?
  • Are there any other freelancers?

Obviously this list is not exhaustive, it is intended to help you to understand the customer's wishes as well as possible. Not all questions are to be asked, it will depend on the brief. 

Step 2 : Write your quotation carefully

The quotation's name

By default, when you respond to a mission proposal, the name of the quote is automatically pre-filled with the name given by the client to the project. However, you have the option to change this title.

Be careful, this title will give the name to the mission that will follow. So you will also change it for your customer. If he had planned a very precise nomenclature, it makes sense not to touch it. On the other hand, if, during your exchanges, the scope of the mission changes, you can modify or specify the title of the mission!

Detail your service

Feel free to multiply the lines of your quote! In addition to appearing clearer and more organized, it will also allow you to review the perimeter of the mission so that you do not forget any aspect.

Bringing detail also means bringing transparency to your customer who will be more confident and therefore more inclined to accept your quote.

Be rigorous on your taxes

Everything you might want to know about taxes is written in this article.

Depending on your country of residence and your legal form, we automatically generate the legal information that will appear on the quote. However, we need some information about your company in order to set them up. They consist of your identity (name, first name) as well as information about your company itself (name, address, identification numbers...).

It is always possible to modify your legal notices after sending your quotation!

If you change your legal notices in your personal space, you only have to click on "report my legal notices" directly from your quote.

You have a specific clause (e.g. a training approval number), you can also add them in your own personal space.

Personalize your message

That's it, you're almost there, all you have to do is send your quotation?

Take the opportunity to add a small personalized message to your customer! In addition to receiving an email indicating the receipt of a quote, he will also receive a notification with your message.

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