What are the different levels of a Super Malter and how do I reach them?

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There are 3 levels in the Super Malter program. Each level allows you to obtain more projects and enjoy exclusive perks. To reach them you'll need to meet the following conditions:

1. Obtain the amount of points required for each level over a 12-month time frame:

    • Super Malter 1 : earn at least 7,500 points 
    • Super Malter 2 : earn at least 15,000 points 
    • Super Malter 3 : earn at least 30,000 points 

Find your point scoring and all of the program's key numbers on your Statistics page.

2. You must also have an average score provided by your own clients of at least 4.5/5. At the end of an assignment, your client may choose to rate your performance, but this is not mandatory. You will need at least one customer rating to be able to get your Super Malter badge.

Do not hesitate to ask your clients at the end of an assignment to receive an evaluation of your services to help you improve and make your profile more attractive to other companies.

3. You must respect the good conduct principles on Malt because our model is based on upholding our values, and guaranteeing your professionalism.

In the event of non-compliance with these principles, your Super Malter badge may be removed.

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